Tenerife sconosciuta

Un video che non é passato inosservato nemmeno a National Geographic Travel. Il cortometraggio é stato realizzato da Thomas Pocksteiner di FilmSpektakel che é stato capace di catturare momenti unici sull’isola che noi amiamo esplorando luoghi lontani dall’inquinamento luminoso. Thomas ha trascorso 10 giorni con la sua macchina fotografica e un? sacco a pelo alla

Travel in Autumn is wonderful!

This time of year, for some tourists is wonderful travel. Time is not always forgiving but the fresh and less flow of tourists allow you to visit some places quietly. Also very semplie find place in the structures and also to reasonable costs. Autumn is the ideal time to travel and enjoy the beauty of ...

Feel at home in a hotel

Not always in hotels where you stay despite the high standard of facilities can be found a friendly and warm. Chianti Holidays with our tourists will be welcomed in farm houses, cottages, villas in Tuscany and will feel right at home. For every need and information in addition to the owners of the property there ...