Boka Car Rental

If you want to plan to spend your vacation in Montenegro and visit all its beauties, we recommend that you provide and rent a car on time.  Boka car rental offers you a large list of vehicles designed for all your needs. You can find all kinds of cars for rent, starting from small and economical cars, all the way to SUVs and luxury vehicles for rent.

Boka car rental is located in Podgorica. If you decide to come to Montenegro by plane, you have the option to land directly in the capital of Montenegro, at the airport in Podgorica. The vehicles offered by Boca Car will be immediately available to you at the airport in Podgorica, which will really make it easier for you to move around and plan your stay in Montenegro.

Boka car rental is a company that has been engaged in car rental for several years, and during that time it has a large number of satisfied clients. We own vehicles of newer generations, and therefore we make our clients as satisfied as possible with our service, and to provide them with safety and comfort on our roads.

Boka car rental offers you easy communication, so you can quickly and efficiently reserve your vehicle on our website and you will receive an agreement from us within 24 hours at the latest. We will try to fulfil  all your additional requests that you may have. You can get the car at any location in Montenegro, you just need to check it and indicate it on the website when you fill out the reservation.

You don’t have to worry about whether the vehicle you reserved will be waiting for you, you don’t have to worry about whether the vehicle will be late and arrive exactly at the time you checked in, you don’t have to worry about whether the cars are damaged AND in good condition, because with the service provided this company and these people, be sure that you will be satisfied in the end, and the staff at Boka Car is very kind, punctual and responsible, as you will see for yourself.

Contact for  Boka car rental:

Address: Mara Radovi?a 59/3, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro


Phone: +382 67248784