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Finding out what the customer wants is one of the most critical questions that business owners and working professionals always ask. To get an appropriate answer, they should get in touch with the myriad of business marketing solutions present these days. The B2B marketing landscape is tough and challenging, which requires professional assistance from a reputed agency. Several industries such as human resources, cloud-related services, IOT, ICT, software, advertising, and marketing all need good quality lead generation.

Introducing Persuade

Persuade is a South Africa-based lead generation company which is made of a professional team that has experience in the world of strategic business marketing.  The agency is owned by Jared Koning, who is a veteran of educational media and marketing himself. Persuade has delivered great results for all its clients since 2017. Persuade provides the following main services.

  • Acquire more leads
  • Utilising outsourced sales
  • Getting more sales
  • All of the above

Lead generation is one of the most successful offerings of Persuade. Almost every business needs a consistent number of fresh leads to survive in the market.  But companies tend to miss out on igniting interest from consumers in their products or services. By using a combination of advertising, digital marketing and customer referrals, the agency is more than capable of employing different lead generation techniques.

Why should one choose Persuade?

1. Complete data ownership

Losing data is one of the primary concerns for businesses when they work with third-party teams to handle lead generation. However, Persuade gives complete data ownership to such companies. Not only do they provide access to the data shared, but it is done in real-time. This allows companies to verify who is making what changes at any point in time.

2. Team of experts

Persuade has a team of experts who have been working under the founder’s supervision since being established. Many businesses struggle when it comes to growing their businesses and fulfilling their business goals. They just need some guidance on how to improve customer retention rates and boost sales. Persuade’s team can help such companies by maintaining contact with their clients on a regular basis.

3. Customisable solutions

The primary goal of Persuade is to provide businesses with professionally tailored marketing solutions for their clients. They put greater attention to detail compared to other agencies when it comes to client connections. Persuade is adept at handling clients from a variety of different industries and has delivered custom reports to all of them.

4. Consistent updates and reports

Businesses require constant updates if they apply custom-made lead generation strategies. Persuade can deliver on this promise by not only sharing timely email updates but also scheduling consistent strategy calls between an account manager and the client.

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About Persuade:
Persuade is a reputed company providing business marketing solutions since 2017. The agency is adept at providing lead generation, appointment setting, market research, and business database services. They are known for their high-quality services at the most affordable rates.