Un simbolo della cultura giapponese

The katana, an indispensable weapon for samurai since the 12th century, is an integral part of Japanese history. This country, with its fascinating culture, fascinated the creator, a young Frenchman who grew up surrounded by Japanese manga and video games. Three years ago he decided to explore a new dimension of Japanese history and became interested in katanas. I immediately fell in love with this skill, “he recalls. People have no idea how complex the object is and how much work goes into making it. So, it’s as much to share these magnificent relics of Japanese history as it is to make the needs of this art accessible to as many people as possible who decided to launch Katana Giapponese, his online store that offers … katanas.

Customizable Katanas

Designed by Asian forges, these Japanese swords are made of high carbon steel, which allows the blade to be soft on the inside and sharp on the outside, while maintaining unaltered strength. In addition to the blade, the nomenclature of a katana includes many elements that give the sword authentic character and beauty. The guard (tsuba in Japanese), the scabbard (saya) and the handle (tsuka) in particular are meticulously worked to recreate a katana with the charm of the past. Katana Japonais also offers the custom creation of your own sword, independently selecting all the elements of the katana to create a unique product.

The center piece of a decoration

Shipped in a protected package, the katana can be installed, with or without a scabbard, to give a traditional and original look to a decoration. “It remains a mythical element of Japanese culture, represented in numerous films, books, manga and video games. It is a central object in a decoration, which always fascinates”, adds the designer. This object can also be used to cut on tatami or bamboo, a very technical practice that Youtubeur Dr Nozman has tried with the Japanese Katana swords, for his over 4 million members. So, for fans of Japanese culture, for collectors or simply to add a unique charm to your decoration, Japanese katanas are a relic to handle with skill.

To be even more authentic, Katana Japonais will soon be offering katanas in tamahagane steel, a rare material historically used by Japanese blacksmiths.