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Building a custom home or remodelling an older-style fireplace can seem overwhelming without proper assistance and service. The Original Flame, operating since 2007, has been assisting people with offering and installing high-quality heating products like fireplaces, inserts, stoves, appliances, and more. From classic to contemporary, their products meet all styles and preferences while providing warmth for your home.

The range of heating products offered by The Original Flame includes:

Finding the right type of fireplace can give your home a sense of welcoming ambience. The Original Flame has been transforming homes into welcoming gathering areas by providing warmth with different types of fireplaces: gas and electric. Their models are recognized for their craftsmanship, quality, and aesthetics.

Gas fireplaces: Gas fireplaces are an excellent choice when you are looking for the beauty and charm of wood-burning fireplaces without the hassle involved. Gas fireplaces are capable of delivering adequate warmth with the convenience of a wall thermostat or even a remote control. Unlike wood fireplaces, these fireplaces don’t require conventional chimneys thanks to modern direct vent technology. In terms of versatility and convenience, gas fireplaces can be your ideal fireplace variety.

Electric Fireplace:  Electric fireplaces come with the same benefits as standard fireplaces, with some bonuses. These fireplaces are known for their low maintenance and low-cost benefits. With the option to enjoy the feel of real flames “burning,” these fireplaces can be extremely easy to install and operate. The Original Flame works with Kingsman, Majestic, Regency, and other renowned brands leaving plenty of options to choose from.

Apart from the fireplaces, the boutique showroom also offers products like:

Inserts: The Original Flame works with brands like Regency and Archgard; both are known for manufacturing a wide array of high-quality gas inserts. These are clean and easy to install, can be operated with remote control, prevent heat loss and more. The inserts provided by The Original Flame come in different varieties, including gas inserts, electric inserts, and pellet inserts.

Cookstoves: The Original Flame carries kitchen appliances, including cookstoves from the Elmira Stove Works line. Elmira is one of the leading brands in providing a range of cookstoves, including electric and gas cookstoves.

Besides their range of heating products, The Original Flame also offers furnace and fireplace installation services, along with products like air conditioners, BBQ grills, and more ideal for every season. Visit for more information.

About The Original Flame:

The Original Flame is a locally owned and operated boutique showroom in Peterborough, Ontario, that has been providing heating and cooling systems since 2007. Their products are delivered by renowned manufacturing brands like Elmira, Kamado Joe, Kingsman, Majestic, Regency, Saber, and others.