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The industrial workplace requires furniture suitable for the harsh environment for the workplace. The furniture must possess many qualities, but the must-have basics include strength, durability, high load-bearing capacity, and corrosion-resistance. So, furniture made of stainless steel with the addition of wood and glass wherever required is ideal for industrial workplaces. RDM Industrial Products, Inc. offers custom-built industrial furniture of the finest quality to its clients.

Products offered by RDM Industrial Products, Inc.

Table and workstations: RDM offers different types of durable tables for both workplaces and laboratories. The products include:

1. Adjustable height table: As the name implies, the table can be raised or lowered whenever required with its ergonomic feature. It is very beneficial because it allows employees to change their position from sitting to standing during work and vice versa. As a result, the chances of backache, neck pain, and fatigue are reduced and it boosts worker morale, making them more efficient and productive. Moreover, people of different heights can work on the same table by raising or lowering it. So, there is no need to purchase tables for each employee separately.

2. Mobile table: The company offers tables with wheel castors so you can move them from a place to another without having trouble. Once you have the table where you want, you can use the castors to fix it to the ground. By making the table fixed on the ground, you make the table more stable for employees to work on it.

3. Light table: A light table comes with a fluorescent light under its platform. The light tables provided by RDM are ideal for applications like drawing, drafting, inspecting, and designing in laboratories, architectural designing, educational institutes, art and animation, manufacturing companies, and medical facilities.

Laboratory furnishings: Laboratory furnishings offered by RDM include:

1. Laboratory exhaust fume hoods: Sometimes, things can get a bit messy inside a science lab when toxic fumes are emitted due to some chemical experiment. It is harmful to the lab workers and inconvenient to continue work. RDM offers fume hoods that remove the fume from the lab and keep it safe.

2. Laminar flow clean air workstations: A science lab requires a clean and sterile environment to protect both researchers and bio-samples from contamination and infection. RDM offers lab workstations equipped with vertical and horizontal flow hoods. These hoods draw the air in, purify it by eliminating the pollutants, and then release clean air in the laboratory.

Some other products include cabinets and counters, stainless steel furnishings, and utility carts. To know more about the products and services offered by RDM Industrial Products, Inc., visit their official website:

About RDM Industrial Products, Inc.

Founded in 1977, RDM Industrial Products, Inc. is a reputed and reliable online provider based in Canada that offers high-quality industrial furniture. The company provides a wide range of industrial and laboratory furniture, including support products to clients nationwide from biotechnology, electronics, healthcare, and several other private and commercial industries.