Simple Buying Tips for Jewelry Making Tools

New jewelers are frequently forced to move from a well-stocked school studio or pre-assembled kits to an empty home studio. When you’re ready to start your own jewelry studio, check out our buying tips for jewelry making tools.

Jewelry Making Pneumatic Engraving Machine Jewellers Graver machine No Need Air Compressor

1. Draw it out
It’s worth spending some time drawing up your design ideas. See online or in your catalog to find out what components are easily available while planning your design. Please note the product numbers, so that your order may be easily compiled when you are ready.

2. Production plan
If you manufacture more than one piece, calculate your overall requirements to place your entire order at the best price available. If you cut several pieces out of a metal sheet, your sketch is useful.

3. Make a List
Determine the amount of each component you need for a completed piece of jewelry and make a list. Be very clear so you can know what to get today so that if you wish to do more, you can recreate the design in the future.

4. Keep track of your budget.
Check your budget and note the cost of the components so that you can precisely price your work later. Be aware thatcertain expenses are linked to the metals market so that they may fluctuate over time.

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