Sustainable Choices Can Give You a Future

Are you Looking for a Greener Business? The Wykco Group provides complimentary recycling, manufacturing, and logistics companies that are dedicated to the application of natural resources. Wykco is currently the leading independent recycling operation in South Africa and claims a strategic transportation and logistics division that is to be taken seriously. Their divisions consist of recycling, plastics, and transportation – all founded by Nick van Wyk in 1983. Recycling can reduce your carbon footprint, which is important and is constantly attempted to be lowered. Wykco wants to ensure to not only help bring down each individual’s footprint but to create a greener, better tomorrow by being eco-friendly, reusable and recycling.

Wykco Recycling division is a lively, direct, service-driven operation that is dedicated to saving money for its clients by improving efficiency, decreasing costs, and maximising value from recyclable materials. They operate from several depots all over South Africa, committing to conserving natural resources, reducing litter, creating employment, and providing top-rated services to clients. Through efficiently collecting, transporting, and processing waste material. Wykco recycling has helped reduce an excessive amount of scarce natural resources that are consumed in the production process and appreciated landfill space required for disposal usage.

Wykco Group works with Wingspan Plastics, they collect a variety of plastics, sort through them, clean them with material steams and then further process them into high-quality black, smoky, and clear recycled pellets. Plastic is one of the simplest materials to recycle, plastic can be milk bottles, tubs of ice cream, grocery packets and much more. Plastic can be converted into almost anything abstract, like a toy, garbage bag, etc.

Wykco Logistics offers the distribution responsibilities of the Wykco Group, over the year expanded to a large and dynamic transport company service across South Africa. The logistics division is dedicated to adding value, and quality, and building loyal relationships with customers. Wykco Group is a provider of new generational green and smarter businesses that are interested in building a cleaner and more resourceful business-standard. To get a hold of Wykco Group and for more knowledge about services, visit

About Wykco Group:

Wykco Group encourages and enforces living sustainably through recycling, reducing, and reusing. They are the leaders in promoting smarter, and greener businesses that are building a cleaner and more resourceful business standard on a border spectrum. They are the greener business.