Construction Can Be a DIY Project with Stumbelbloc

In need of building? Stumbelbloc is the middleman for you. That middleman was created by Andre Esterhuizen, a born and raised Capetonian that accumulated various types of construction over the years. Andre used this knowledge and started developing concrete building blocks that were produced from moulds at an affordable cost – this further led to extensive experimenting and testing which ultimately gave you Stumbelbloc.

They provide a worldwide market that focuses on block moulds that have been used to build boundary walls, houses, and dwellings with efficiency. Whether you are living in a one-bedroom home to a playboy mansion, Stumbelbloc delivers suitable moulds and blocks. Their unique designed blocks, interlock with one another, leading to self-alignment and self-levelling. These blocks are made from moulds that are produced by Stumbelbloc, all done locally and built into the construction process, all while using low to no skilled labour and without the use of an external energy source.

Stumbelbloc product contains a creation that gives anyone, with or without skill and a little bit of knowledge, the ability to build further on their land or even their home itself – by themselves. The moulds created by Stumbelbloc are made from plastic, yet still, allow it to be mixed with concrete mix whilst resulting in an interlocking shape once dry. When the removal process of the mould takes place, the end product should be a precise hollow core block. The interlocking technique allows building with ease and strong, fast, and affordable conjunction with the glue – resulting in an effective construction method.

Interlocking bricks ease the process of construction, when paving blocks move against one another it can interrupt the structure, mainly on sloped areas. Therefore, using blocks that fit into one another enables a puzzle-like result and is preferred for the stability factor that comes with it. When using concrete casting material, you should ensure the block has the necessary strength and thickness to meet industry standards. If you are looking forward to doing things yourself, and have a tight budget to maintain then let Stumbelbloc provide for you through

About Stumbelbloc 

Stumbelbloc provides innovation and encourages the unskilled by producing ready-made moulds to create hollow-core blocks that can be created on-site within 48 hours using minimal manual labour and without external power. All are delivered locally, to make construction and manufacturing convenient and to further inspire and create a local economy utilising Stumbelbloc products.