For the Love of Meat

Finding quality meat has not been a problem since 1979 when Blaauwberg Group was established and entered the meat trade industry. Starting from the ground up, Blaauwberg Group has set the standard for all meat trade businesses within South Africa. They produce great high-quality meat by getting meat straight from the farm to the customer. Blaauwberg Group are distributing to over 200 retailers, hospitality, wholesalers, and government sectors, their mission is to provide the largest and quickest distribution channels whilst delivering a constant supply of stock. The best part would be the original recipes of 43 years, as it is a family-owned business. Blaauwberg Group is known and founded by keeping and building bonds that will continue this legacy for decades more to come.

The meat industry is one of the largest segments within the food industry, with the main purpose being to obtain livestock from producers and process the livestock into the meat and non-food products. Followed by that would be slaughtering and processing, proceeding with cutting and merchandising. Meat cuts for the consumer include round steaks, sirloin steaks, loin chops, and chuck roasts. Most retailers cut bone structures that fall under the names arm chops, T-bone, rib chops, etc. The meat quality is the factor in the tenderness and flavour of the meat, according to the customers’ demands. Fun fact: Meat from the younger animals is more tender than the older ones, mainly for young animals’ connective tissue isn’t as strong when being cooked.

Blaauwberg Group carries a clear-cut competitive edge in its ability to control internal operations and logistics. Owning and managing farms and their distributors enables them to keep their pricing affordable and maintain their product quality high. Blaauwberg Group takes pride in all their work and products and that is their secret to being successful because they prioritise relationship building, honesty, and integrity. Their range of meat goes from steak, ostrich, karoo-lamb, and all-time South African favourite, BILTONG. They own several divisions, Blaauwberg Meat Specialties, Blaauwberg Meat Wholesale, Groenland Abattoir, Karoo Lamb, Blaauwberg Cold Storage, Feedlot, and Natural Namibian Meat Producers. That is quite an accomplishment, might I add.

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About Blaauwberg Group:

Blaauwberg Group is a top-tier company with decades of experience and expertise in delivering A-grade quality meat to consumers all over South Africa. Blaauwberg Group maintains great organisation and control of all operations to ensure they deliver consistently and the best quality to their customers. The company has created an edge by not only being a success for 43 years, but by putting the relationship they have with a customer first.