French Confectionery Makes Health Tastes Good

Do you ever think that you enjoy food too much, therefore will never be able to be fully healthy?  Well, what if I told you that French Confectionery allows you to eat all things nice while still being healthy. They offer anything from baked bread to bagels and even croissants, whether you like low-carb or Nutri low products. This confectionery is different as they provide a vast variety of products that are inclusive to those who are looking for vegan, vegetarian, diabetic, low-carb, keto and sugar-free goods that are all locally sourced.

French Confectionery started all the way back in 1939, in South Africa. Allowing them 83 years to create flawless recipes and new alternative recipes as the times move. They are constantly expanding their range of products to allow them to still grow as a brand as modern dietary requirements come into play. Inasmuch, they are a confectionery that wants you to enjoy every meal or snack whether it is considered healthy or not. French Confectionery creates a freshly baked and innovative selection of health bread, low-carb products, and rye bread that is ideal for breakfast, lunch, supper, or snack any day of the week.

This brand is a well-known bakery in Cape Town, and supplies to stores all around us. Such as Checkers, Pick n Pay, OK Foods, Spar, and even Food Lovers Market (which Capetonians know have the freshest selections of goods).

Their range of products allows those with diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and high cholesterol, just to name a few, to enjoy their dietary lifestyles without feeling constricted. These products are also consumed by those who are a part of a healthy lifestyle without wanting to feel as if they are giving up on quality and scrumptious goods!

In addition, low carb ‘diets’ are also beneficial in many ways. They reduce your appetite, which will help those who tend to binge eat, or just helpful for diets because of how restrictive portions can be. That’s why French Confectionery is perfect for your family and friends’ health.

Visit the French Confectionery Website to find out more information about them and their products:

About French Confectionery: 

A home felt bakery based in Cape Town, that has been open to the public since 1939. Maintaining traditional and new improved recipes to suit various dietary requirements. They cater all their products to popular supermarkets all over Western Cape. French Confectionery makes healthy food taste good and ensures a selection of freshly baked goods for any time of the day!