Enjoy the Ultimate Relaxation Experience by Visiting Spa Durban

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed by the political and climate issues that seem to plague the world around us? Are you struggling to keep up with your busy work life? Are you simply needing a break from everything and feel as if you need some pampering? If you regularly ask yourself these questions, then you may want to consider spending your next spa day at Spa Durban.

Spa Durban, currently home to Fleur De Lis Spa, offers new and old clients with the ability to enjoy high quality and relaxing spa and beauty treatments at prices that are significantly more affordable than can otherwise be expected. If your lifestyle and busy schedule does not always allow you to take the necessary time off to pamper yourself, then you may be relieved to know that Spa Durban currently provides a variety of packages and services that all range in treatments, procedures as well as their length of time too.

For the busiest of those amongst us, you may be more interested in enjoying pampering sessions that are 30 minutes and shorter, which can include waxing and threading, lash lifts and tints and more. If you have more time on your hands, however, then you should be more interested in looking at Spa Durban’s lengthier sessions, ranging from 3 hours and above. These sessions can include everything from pedicures, body wraps, dry body brushing, paraffin dips, massages and far more.

Due to the locations of all three of Spa Durban’s branches, you can easily end your sessions with an overnight stay at the nearby luxury hotels, where you can then also enjoy delicious gourmet meals.

If you are interested in finding out a bit more about Spa Durban, look through their various pampering packages as well as the prices thereof, or would rather like to reach out in order to place your own booking, then you should not hesitate in visiting their main website over at https://spadurban.co.za/

A Bit More About Spa Durban

Spa Durban, located in some of Durban’s classiest hotels, aims to provide you with an experience that will completely captivate all five of your senses. With the staff that are all professionally trained and ready to treat you the way you deserve, there may be no better place to pamper yourself than by visiting any of Spa Durban’s three branches located at Coastlands Musgrave Hotel, Umhlanga Hotel and Royal Hotel.