Filling and Capping Bottles Have Been Made Easy With TELM

Manually filling and capping bottles can be very frustrating. It also takes a lot of time to fill and there can be wastage of products that are filled in. We desperately needed a solution for easy filling and capping of bottles and jars. Thanks to TELM, we have the solution now. TELM offers high quality filling and capping machines that can be used for a long time.

The company designs and manufactures machines based on customer specifications and carry out the final inspection testing. The company has five decades of experience and it is reflected in the components and structures of each machine they manufacture. TELM manufactures automatic and semi-automatic machines and serves sectors such as food, chemical and cosmetics.

Types of machines offered by TELM

Linear machines:

TELM offers linear machines that are made of high-quality AISI316 stainless steel to offer durable filling and capping machines. These machines are suitable for filling thin and thick products in small containers such as bottles and jars as well as large containers such as buckets and cans. Since these machines are made with durable material, they are perfect to use in different sectors such as para-pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic.

Semiautomatic filling machines:

TELM designs and manufactures precise, versatile and reliable semiautomatic filling machines. These machines are entirely made of AISI316 stainless steel to maintain high standards in terms of quality and offers ease of usage. The filling is entrusted with volumetric piston fillers that are also made with same standard stainless steel allowing that accurately doses liquid and dense products.

The filling volume of these machines can be adjusted manually from the handwheel. The adjustment depends on the product and customer’s format. All the machines are equipped with simple controls that offer ease of usage. Clamp fittings allow easy disassemble and cleaning.

Semiautomatic capping machines:

Semiautomatic capping machines by TELM also offer a versatile and reliable solution for capping small as well as large containers. These machines are also made with AISI316 stainless steel that allows the company to maintain the high standards of performance and quality. These machines are suitable for pre-threaded plastic caps, twist-off caps and press-on caps. The machines operate with a pressure and are fitted with practical double-switch drive. These capping machines also offer interchangeable capping heads.

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About TELM:

TELM has been designing and manufacturing filling and capping machines since 1972. The company offers customized filling and capping machines that are made based on customer’s needs. TELM has five decades of experience and it is reflected on the components and structures of each machine they manufacture. The company produces machines that are adapted for use in sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and more.