Premium Hair & Beauty Products with Modern Hair & Beauty

Are you looking to invest in professional hair care and beauty products for your hair salon or even just for yourself? Look no further than Modern Hair & Beauty. They are an online shop and distributor of professional hair and skin care products in Southern Africa.

Looking after your body (including your hair and skin), has proven to improve your mental and physical health. As a result of the pandemic and many unfortunate events, people have been putting themselves first, and one of the ways they have done this was through investing in high-quality hair and skin care products.  Luckily, Modern hair & Beauty can help you with that. Regarding getting better quality products for your clients as a business or to use for yourself at home, it is important to remember that consumers and people these days are looking for quality over quantity.

Modern Hair & Beauty only sell premium products as they are a licensed distributor of Wella Company-owned products in Southern Africa, and offer clients well-known products like Nioxin, Sebastian Professional, Kadus Professional, SEB MAN, and much more. In addition, they also offer internationally acclaimed brands like Cloud Nine, Sweet Hair Professional, Swish and Reuzel.

This is a company that strives to support its clients through dedicated and trained sales representatives, target marketing, timeous delivery orders, promotional support, and regular seminars and education. Luckily, their training centres are in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, which makes it easily accessible for anyone. Considering this, it is important to know how to use products to gain the optimal benefit of it. This is great if you are running a hair salon business or working as a hairstylist.

If you would like to learn more about the company, where they are located, what their core values are, how they are committed to the development and empowerment of their employees, or if you would like to learn more about the several different products or even seminars and education that they can supply you with, visit their official website at

About Modern Hair & Beauty:

Modern Hair & Beauty was established in 1950 and was a distributor of professional hair products to the hairdressing industry. Later, in 2015 they expanded into professional skincare products as well. They are truly experts in the hair and beauty industry as they service over 2000 salons within South Africa, as well as other partner salons in Mauritius and Angolo.