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Find my Funds is the website that helps users find details about their funds in just a few steps!

It helps to get the latest overview of investment policies & life insurance in a short time. For the convenience of the users, the information is available in PDF format.

Two people may not need the same kind of insurance coverage or investment funds. It generally depends on the needs of individuals. It is necessary to be updated and aware of all personal details in investment policies and insurance documents. One needs to be aware of the listed beneficiaries as well. That’s not all – the documents need to be submitted correctly and on time. If due for some reason the information does not get updated, it can lead to hassles. People might face problems like wrong inheritance of funds in case of unfortunate death of the policyholder. This is where Find my Funds can help!

How Find My Funds Can Help:

With Find My Funds, policyholders can get easy access to all details related to their insurance policies. They can also get detailed information on coverage.

Thus, it is easy for the policyholder to find the current value of existing life insurance policies or investment policies. This can help in formulating effective financial planning strategies. As users are able to understand the policies and their values better, they can make informed decisions based on the information available.

It is Easy To Verify Information:

Users can use an online insurance portfolio finder that helps in verifying details of the policy. Thus, if anything is wrong, it can be rectified soon and costly mistakes can be avoided in future.

  • Assists in the verification of policy information

Users can easily verify details related to their life insurance policies if they use the online insurance portfolio finder. This can help them make, well-informed and timely decisions about their insurance policies to avoid deadly mistakes in the future.

  • Providing additional details

You need more details apart from the basic information regarding your policy. Find my Funds helps you in that regard by bringing up all other relevant details such as beneficiary details, coverage details and surrender values of policies.

  • Other services

Find my Funds also offers a set of additional services such as consultations with registered planning experts for free. They can also answer some common queries policyholders may have regarding over-payment of selling of policies in the future.

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About Find my Funds:

Find my Funds is an easy to use website which lets users quickly obtain an updated overview of all life insurance policies and schemes in their name.