Having Bestyn App on your phone is a great way to stay connected with your neighbours

Bestyn is an app that helps people connect with each other by helping them share information about local events, businesses, and services.

It lets users post messages about things happening around them, such as upcoming garage sales, and get recommendations for nearby restaurants, mechanics, and more.


Local news is available online in real time. Chatting with friends is also possible via social media. Ordering a range of services is easy using an app on your phone. You can also make posts advertising your business or service. Reach out to more potential customers by posting ads on Bestyn!.


Easy to use UI. The interface of the application is brilliantly designed to smoothly deliver the operations managed by the end user. We also added screenshots below, you can run over them.

The interface has been implemented by employing the principles HCI. The usability, visual consistency and a clearly defined process to evolve between different application pages makes it the ready to hand application for both types of user, i.e., the layman, and skilled user.

Social media apps provide information based on your interests. Bestyn allows you to choose your specific area of interest. The app will then update you with the latest news about your interest.

Surrounding awareness is an app that sends notifications about incidents occurring in your neighbourhood to your phone. You can also rescue neighbours from any unexpected or dangerous events.

Users can report fraud or robbery cases so that others stay alert and take appropriate safety measures. You can help others by reporting suspicious activity and unethical behaviour. Through this app, you can learn more about what is going on around you and what is coming up next.

Bestyn is an app that helps people connect with their neighbours. With this app, users can easily create events and invite their friends to attend. Users can also share their event details on their profile page.

Businesses can flourish by being well-advertised. A business can grow by telling people about their products or services. This is the easiest way to market your business. You should make sure that people know what you’re doing before you start marketing.

At Bestyn, you can set up your business profile alongside your private profile. Your business profile will generate leads for your business website. Y

ou can frequently post about your goods and services. Your neighbours will tend to buy from you instead of going to shops that are located far away. With your business profile, you may also create events for reaching more people.

Besides the events, there is also news of upcoming sales, giveaways, and newest arrivals at your shop.