Mera Tierra Creating an Aesthetically Designed Sustainable Fashion

Mera Tierra is a sustainable and biodegradable fashion brand focusing on womenswear.  All materials used are natural, organic and biodegradable in its nature.

The company was founded to create an environmentally friendly brand of clothing that would be stylish and comfortable. The founders were inspired by the idea of wearing clothes made from natural fibers like cotton, hemp, linen and silk without compromising on style or comfort.

Mera Tierra sustainable fashion include styles which can be worn on all occasions, in the most extreme conditions, whether cold, hot weather, dry and weather.

  • Where Fashion is Everything:

Mera Tierra has created a range of fashionable and versatile clothing items which are sustainable and biodegradable. All of these can be used either indoors or outdoors. Products are manufactured using high-quality organic fabrics, naturally dyed and biodegradable trim materials,  so that its stylish and comfortable when wearing them. Mera Tierra, take great pride in ensuring all fabrics are naturally dyed, which are skin safe and vegan.

The loved and allure for handmade products, not to mention their sustainability initiatives,  Mera Tierra has partnered with Creative Bee for their handloom fabric needs. To learn more about their handloom fabrics, you can visit

  • Story Behind Mera Tierra

Fashion will be everchanging, but the landfills caused by non-degradable clothing and accessories are a matter of grave concern.  The love and care for People, Planet & Product design prompted and motivated them to create a range of products for sustainable living with a special focus on fashion.

The name combines their Indo-Spanish roots and their philosophy perfectly.

Mera = My in Hindi I Tierra = Earth in Spanish I Mera Tierra = My Earth.

Mera Tierra is a young and bold sustainable fashion brand with a focus on creating high-quality, natural, and biodegradable clothing. With a keen focus on current fashion trends, they employ the highest ethical practices to create Eco-friendly and long-lasting products so that they are safe for the environment and look beautiful on you.

Their experience in both countries helps them bring together local (resources) with global (demand), traditional with innovative and classic with contemporary, to design and produce clothing that is fashionable, sustainable, biodegradable and minimalistic.

  • Design Philosophy:

Their design philosophy is based on the “Less is More” concept, and they value the idea of simplicity. They have worked hard at keeping their customers and their needs at the forefront of their minds.  Mera Tierra’s styles, colours, and prints are young and bold, curated based on their design values.

  • Customer Philosophy

They want to help their customers to make a difference whilst buying their clothes, without compromising on the style. They offer fashionable clothing in styles that cater to a wide range of age group coupled with comfort and breathable fabric that are easy to maintain and long lasting.

  • Organizational Philosophy

They take their role as a sustainable brand very seriously. They believe in contributing towards the change taking place in making a sustainable environment for their future generations. Their processes & practices are ethical, fair and environmentally friendly. They are working towards a zero-waste organization, recycling and reusing scraps from the processes. All their products are 100% Carbon Neutral.

  • Natural Printing and Dying Process:

For centuries, the world relied on plant-based dyes to colour textiles. These dyes, popularly known as Natural Dyes, were safe for the skin and easy on the environment. The invention of synthetic dyes in the mid-1800’s and their growing use changed this. Slowly and steadily, this shift caused catastrophic damage to the environment, especially water resources, at every stage of their use. Today, nearly two centuries on, the dyeing and colouring industry is directly responsible for 20% of global industrial water pollution.

At Mera Tierra, they dream of being one with the Earth and leaving her better than when they inherited her. This dream led them to a 2-year long quest of revisiting the ancient art of dyeing using natural plant-based dyes. They experimented, talked to experts, did more research, connected with weaver groups, and experimented some more. Staying on this course has lead them to finding solutions that cause little or no air, water, or soil pollution and are biodegradable and environment-friendly.

They believe that every person should enjoy life and look good doing it. They aim to achieve this by making their clothes as ethically sourced as possible and helping to improve the environment wherever possible.

Their goal is to help reduce waste and pollution while improving the lives of those who work hard to produce their clothes. They want to encourage other companies to follow suit and adopt similar practices.

  • Fabric & Trims

Globally, over 150 billion pieces of clothing is manufactured every year. However, they discovered some alarming numbers: only around 10% of this clothing can be recycled and more than 80% of discarded clothing wind up in landfills. Their minds revolted against such staggering waste.

To address and minimize this damage they have taken steps to ensure that every single material they use is natural and 100% biodegradable. They also have adopted a zero-waste philosophy, upcycling their production-waste (fabric-scraps) so that they don’t end-up in landfills.

  • Mission and vision:

They aim to offer something different in the marketplace and have created a range of unique and versatile pieces that can be worn every day. Believe that there should always be room for innovation in fashion, and they aim to bring new ideas to the marketplace.

They believe that fashion should be about looking good and making a difference in the world around them. I hope to help change the way people think about style and how they choose what to buy.

This fastest-growing store with a vision to become one of the leading in the textile industry. They are committed to bringing innovative solutions to the textile industry to improve people’s lives across the globe. Their focus is on developing sustainable products that will last longer. They aim to ensure that their products are available to consumers worldwide.

About the Company:

Mera Tierra is a reliable name in the world of fashion and fabrics. Love and care for people, the planet, and product design drove and motivated them to create a range of products for sustainable living with a particular focus on fashion.

To learn more about them, you can visit their website at  or contact them.

Contact Information:

Progress Street 14,

Sant Joan – 07240

Majorca, Balearic Islands