Fun Facts About Wooden Floors

Wood flooring in Cape Town has become a common phenomenon. One of the reasons is because real estate agencies have come to realise that wood floors tend to sell faster and at a higher cost. Therefore, people have not only started to use wooden flooring more often but also view it as an investment. However, what do we truly know about these floors?

Wooden Floor Facts

By Investing in wood flooring, you will not only be investing in the value of your home but also the value in how unique your house is. This is because no two wood floors are alike. Have you ever looked at a tree and realised that they do not look alike? Therefore, if you use real hardwood flooring you will have a unique grain pattern, textures, and colour. Making your flooring unique to any other flooring in the world. Ensuring that no one will be able to copy your style of flooring.

Did you know that by having wood floors you will be improving the indoor air quality of your house? Wood floors are far easier to clean and remove dirt. Other floorings like carpets collect dust and dirt easier, making it easier to collect a lot of pollen, dust mites and allergens that cannot be removed at all. Therefore, making it more friendly towards people with allergies and asthma.

Furthermore, another cool fact about wood flooring is that the colour of your floor changes over time. This is due to sunlight exposure that will change the wood’s tone over time. Your wood flooring can change to yellow or can even become darker. However, depending on the finish you use to protect your floors you can stop this from happening, you just need to ask which one you should use when you buy wood flooring.

These days, people are investing in home décor, tools and materials that are more environmentally friendly, and by purchasing wood flooring you will be doing just that. Did you know that when you create these floors it does not generate nitrous or methane oxide emissions? Therefore, by choosing locally sourced wood flooring, you will be reducing your carbon footprint.

In addition, choosing to use wood flooring will not only be more environmentally friendly but also choosing to use a more sustainable material? This is because prefinished wood floors can last a lifetime. Wood flooring can last up to 50 years and with proper care even longer.

Another fun fact about wood flooring is that it improves the acoustics in your house. Wood flooring has been known to reduce hollow sounds, as well as vibrations that happen often. Therefore, you would probably have noticed that most dance or music studio’s floors are made from wood. Visit their official website at:


There is a reason wood flooring is so popular and that is because it has so many advantages money wise. In addition, it also makes your house or living space beautiful and healthier to live in.