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Tour with bike in Chianti


Feel at home in a hotel

Not always in hotels where you stay despite the high standard of facilities can be found a friendly and warm. Chianti Holidays with our tourists will be welcomed in farm houses, cottages, villas in Tuscany and will feel right at home. For every need and information in addition to the owners of the property there ...

Escape the chaos and find harmony

Living in a city has several good points but also several sides denied. In this article we focus on the negative aspects. The city is chaotic and forces you to bear the stressful pace. The most common problem is definitely live in apartment buildings and respect the rules of coexistence that are not always so ...

Farms in Tuscany

On the site of Chianti Ferie you can find different facilities like Borgo Sicelle, a small farm in Chianti Classico. Following the restructuring, they were created 10 apartments from 2 to 6 people, leaving unaltered the typical Tuscan style of its architecture. Beautiful and ‘location, atop a hill overlooking vineyards, olive groves and woods and ...