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The term industrial furniture encompasses a wide range of workshop and factory furniture from the early 20th century. They have now become a common sight in almost every industrial workplace and now come with ergonomic features for the comfort of workers. Just like everything else, this industry is also filled with a lot of manufacturers, which can make the task of selecting the right manufacturer very tricky. With that being said, we introduce RDM Industrial Products, Inc., a reputed manufacturer of laboratory and industrial furniture solutions for multiple industries.

Introducing RDM Industrial Products, Inc., a reputed industrial furniture manufacturer

Companies and individuals who prioritize quality over pricing can surely appreciate what RDM Industrial Products, Inc. has to offer. It is a reputed manufacturer of quality industrial products that can withstand the most aggressive industrial environments. It is also a reseller and distributor and offers multiple support and peripheral products to complement laboratory and industrial furniture, such as chairs, storage solutions, shelving, carts, and ESD static control products.

RDM Industrial Products, Inc. provides a whole range of furniture solutions that are capable of withstanding extreme conditions. These include:

  • Stainless Steel Furnishings: RDM Industrial Products, Inc. manufactures some of the highest-quality steel furnishings that can withstand environmental conditions. They are available in several finishes, including 2B smooth, electro-polished finish, and #4 brushed.
  • Laboratory Furnishings: The company is known for manufacturing laboratory furnishings for assured productivity and safety. Examples of this kind of product include Fume hoods and accessories, custom laboratory carts and tables, laboratory caseworks, ESD control workstations, and laminar flow workstations.
  • Tables and Workstations: All tables and workstations found at RDM Industrial Products, Inc. are made from seasoned wood, stainless steel, and other similar materials for productivity. They have different variants on offer, such as adjustable tables, chemical-resistant tables, smooth-surfaced light tables, and others, depending on requirements.
  • Cabinets and Counters: RDM Industrial Products, Inc. offers multiple types of cabinets and counters, such as locker cabinets, classic metal laboratory cabinets, printed circuit board storage cabinets, reception counters, standard commercial caseworks, service counters, and others.
  • Mobile Tables and Carts: RDM Industrial Products, Inc. uses high-grade materials to ensure longevity in their products. Their industrial carts are multipurpose, catering to a wide range of industries. Some of the most common mobile tables include an adjustable-height cantilevered shelf cart, a vertical panel storage cart, and other options.

Apart from being the manufacturer of products such as school tables, work benches, HEPA stations, Lift tables, and industrial carts, the company also redistributes Nexel® Storage and Handling Equipment, Biofit® Chairs and Stools, Lyon® Workspace Products, Presto Lifts® Specialty Lift Systems, APW® Enclosure Solutions, and other well-known branded products.

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About RDM Industrial Products, Inc.

RDM Industrial Products, Inc. is a reputed manufacturer of high-grade furniture products that can withstand extreme conditions. They prioritize quality, service, and shipping times over everything else to gain the confidence of their clients.