Launches Innovative Price Check Tool

Cape Town, South Africa – 1 November 2023 –, a leading online platform for medical aid comparison in South Africa, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking Price Check Tool, designed to transform the process of finding and selecting medical aid coverage.

This cutting-edge tool allows South Africans to effortlessly compare prices across a broad spectrum of medical aid plans, catering to an array of needs and budgets. With a user-friendly interface and instant access to a database of updated rates from all major providers, the Price Check Tool promises to be an essential resource for individuals, families, and businesses seeking the best value in health coverage.

Effortless Comparison for Better Decisions

With health care costs on the rise, the Price Check Tool arrives as a much-needed solution for consumers facing the complex task of selecting medical aid plans. “Our goal is to demystify medical aid costs and make transparency the core of healthcare planning,”. “This tool empowers our users by giving them direct control over their health care spending.”

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Instant price comparisons from a variety of health plan providers
  • Detailed breakdowns of plan features and exclusions
  • Tailored recommendations based on user input and preferences
  • A secure, simple-to-use, and free service
  • Closing the Information Gap

Choosing a medical aid plan is a significant decision, but it shouldn’t be an overwhelming one. By providing easy access to information and clear comparisons, we’re closing the information gap that has challenged policy buyers for too long.”’s new Price Check Tool also serves as an educational platform, offering insights into healthcare benefits, coverage levels, and the impact of specific medical aid choices on overall health outcomes.

A Commitment to Health Education

In addition to facilitating plan comparisons, is committed to enhancing health education among consumers. The platform regularly updates its blog with articles on health tips, medical aid news, and guides to understanding health insurance jargon.


The Price Check Tool is now available and can be accessed online at For more information or to start comparing medical aid plans, please visit

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