Today’s Environmental need – Eco Friendly Lanyards

Eco-friendly lanyards in Ireland are produced from recycled plastic and the process is quite fascinating. Wouldn’t you find it incredible to know that plastic can be converted into a lanyard in Ireland? That instead of going into a waste heap or rubbish heap or ground fill somewhere, the plastic can be converted into something useful – like a lanyard.

In fact, eco-friendly lanyards too can be custom printed in a full array of colours. But if plain colours are what you seek, then eco-friendly lanyards in Ireland are available in red, white, black, yellow, green and blue. But rest assured that other solid colours are available upon request and that most suppliers could even offer the popular ‘rainbow’ style of lanyards, which gives the rainbow effect across the whole surface. Awesome right?

If you need customised lanyards then you could opt for customised eco-friendly lanyards that contain logos, text, background colours and even icons.

For those of us who are technically inclined, Eco-friendly lanyards are manufactured using recycled Polyethylene therophyte (rPET). It is procured when from used plastic fruit juice cans and bottles, used food cartons and similar plastic products. After sorting of used plastic (by colour), PET plastic is crushed, packed, and transported to the processing plant.

Firstly, all labels, glue and other impurities are removed and then the plastic is ground into small flakes or granules. The next stage is secondary cleaning, this time with the help of special cleaning machines and an air stream, lighter materials, such as stickers or sand are removed from heavier flakes.

The flakes are then crystallized and dried and these can now be used as the recycled raw plastic that form a variety of products including lanyards. Instead of the plastic being dumped in some landfill and polluting the planet, they are recycled and made into a fresh material that can be put to good use. One of these uses is converting the recycled plastic into lanyard material.

For those of you who are wondering whether eco-friendly lanyards in Ireland appear different from regular lanyards, here’s the best kept secret about these eco-friendly lanyards; they are completely indistinguishable from regular non-eco-friendly lanyards.  So go ahead, save the planet, feel nice about it while at the same time, meet your objectives of buying the lanyards.

There’s a whole range of standard accessories that are available with the eco-friendly lanyards in Ireland, these include the black safety breakaway which is not visible when worn. The black safety breakaway is a safety device that detaches the lanyard if it gets pulled. For example, if the lanyard gets caught in a door or lift, or in some moving machinery, safety device will break off automatically and avoid injury. A range of different accessories are available with the eco-friendly lanyards including plastic pockets for identification material.

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