Kabal Apokalypse e i suoi Toxic Industry : “Hungry Show”, il nuovo E.P.!

La label toscana Funeral Records Autoproduction , presenta nelle piattaforme di musica digitale il nuovo extended play dei Toxic Industry : “Hungry Show”

Questo è “ Hungry Show”, dove hanno estrapolato il singolo omonimo, con la grande partecipazione di, Richard John Francis Wheeler” dei “ G.L.O.W. ALC”, che nella nostra piccola intervista ci risponde così.:

G. Giannetti – “Cosa Ne Pensi Della Musica Dei Toxic Induatry?”

R.J.F. Wheeler – From the moment I heard Toxic Industry’s music, I fell in love with it. The bass, beats and melody is so classic E.B.M. A style of Dark Electronic music which makes me want to get up and dance as well as contribute to.

G.Giannetti – Parlaci del singolo “Hungry Show” e come è iniziata la collaborazione.

R.J.F. Wheeler – The creator Kabal asked if I would like to create the vocals for his upcoming single called ‘Hungry Show’ and I agreed to do. The track immediately caught my attention and I had this immediate urge to write the lyrics and record the vocals. Hungry show definitely has a randy feel and exciting atmosphere which I sang with a passion and it was a great pleasure to be the vocals on the single.

R.J.F.Wheeler – The song is about hunger on the dance floor for sexual pleasure which I, personally, have had throughout my life and when I sang, I could feel all those randy memories come crawling back to me. Dancing on the dance floor, lights and strobes running wild, no intoxication of alcohol, just the true feeling of lust. Then, you are approached by someone who is of your desire and you so want this moment to happen, but of course, responsibly

G.Giannetti – ti è piaciuta questa esperienza?

R.J.F.Wheeler – Experience? If you say what I was experiencing when recording then, yes, I did. Eroticism surrounded me with each word I sang. Beautiful.

G.Giannetti – Parlaci del progetto G.L.O.W. ALC

R.J.F.Wheeler – G.L.O.W. ALC (General Language of Oscillating Wisdom – A Living Creation) is an Electronica music project which mainly focuses on Dark Electro, Industrial and E.B.M. It is also an amalgamation of an  Alternative/Industrial/Dark Electro/E.B.M. project called G.L.O.W. (General Language of Oscillating Wisdom) and an Ambient, Lounge and Chillout project called G.L.O.W. ALC (General Language of Oscillating Wisdom Ambient, Lounge and Chillout).

G.L.O.W.’s music has been reviewed by online magazines such as Brutal Resonance (Sweden), 925 Rebellion (South Africa) and Gothic Bite (USA); has been on TV shows in my home country South Africa; been placed on music compilations such as CIA compilations (Austria/Germany) and Gothic Music Orgy (Germany) and aired internationally on radio stations such as The Oontzcast (USA), Aggrodriver ’81 (USA) and Hazzard of Darkness (Germany) to mention a few. With G.L.O.W. ALC (General Language of Oscillating Wisdom Ambient, Lounge and Chillout), on the other hand, it’s music was also placed on TV shows in my home country; aired on a variety of radio stations such as YM92.5 (USA), Beat Lounge Radio (USA), AVIVMEDIA (Israel) and music compilations by Fretnoiz (Czechoslovakia). I chose to amalgamate the two as it would be better if they all went under one name. Also, I noticed with the Ambient, Lounge and Chillout which I produced, it was also rather dark in style and thus made sense to amalgamate the two.

Since my move to the UK in 2018 and after I went on a hiatus for about a year, I decided to get my music remixed by artists such as Sebastian Komor, Grendel and Biomechanimal as well as collaborate such as the unique collaboration between Synthpop and a South African music genre Kwaito and a track was formed called ‘Tedium’ and as we know, I collaborated with Toxic Industry to form ‘The Hungry Show’. There are plans in the pipeline for G.L.O.W. ALC and I do plan to tour the UK first followed by an international tour. There is alot of thought needing to go into this, but it must be done and remixing for other artists must resume and collaborations will continue.

A Kabal abbiamo chiesto, perché la sua scelta per la canzone “Hungry Show” sia ricaduta su “Richard?”

Lui risponde così.:

Kabal – ho scelto Richard, perché mi piace il suo carisma cosmico e l energia che ci mette nelle sue canzoni; mi serviva una voce che compresse nelle classiche tonalità dei “ Toxic Industry”, così ho chiesto a lui se gli sarebbe piaciuto cantare il brano “ Hungry Show”, e ha accettato con entusiasmo.

Per me è stato davvero importante che abbia accettato, anche perché è un amico che stimo tantissimo e so che nel brano poteva fare la differenza, così ecco spiegato.

Spero in futuro di poter realizzare altri lavori con Richard, e il suo progetto G.L.O.W. ALC.

Ed Eccovi “Hungry Show”, l “EP”, dice Kabal è un piccolo “Start Up” dell album che uscirà nel 2023, “Toxic Industry – Apokalypse”, che è stato ripreso in mano, dopo il blocco improvviso, e pubblicando l album spalmato solo a “Singoli”, finalmente sarà completo, dove ritroveremo Richard nuovamente a cantare un’altra canzone “Breathless”.

Etichetta : Funeral Records Autoproduction

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