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Have you recently walked onto your construction site, or have just managed to set time aside for a personal project at home, only to realise that you do not have the necessary equipment and materials needed to complete the job in question? For many, this can spell doom, as well as the end of their projects altogether. However, while this may be an issue, it is only temporary and can be subsided with ease, only as long as you have Steel & Pipes for Africa by your side.

Since its establishment in Cape Town, Steel & Pipes for Africa has been able to climb the local industry through its ability to provide clients with everything that they need relating to a variety of different products. If you need steel, they have it. If you need fencing, they got it. If you need tubing or even general hardware, then you can probably already guess the answer.

This is all thanks to the seemingly countless different sponsors and suppliers that they have by their side, ensuring that Capetonians, as well as South Africans at large, are provided with nothing short of the very best steel and other related products that one can find across the greater southern peninsula. This is all thanks to Steel & Pipes for Africa’s dedication to quality products and quality customer service, making this distributor for countless clients across South Africa.

If you are looking to reach out to Steel & Pipes for Africa regarding their ever-expanding range of everything to do with steel, tubing, general hardware, and more, then you should not hesitate in visiting their Cape Town website. Here you will find out the specifics of each of their product offerings, as well as the pricing thereof too. You can give them a visit today by heading on over to

About Steel & Pipes for Africa

Established in 1993, Steel & Pipes for Africa Cape Town forms only a small part of a national network that is made up of 18 branches spanning South Africa. Since opening in 2001, this Cape Town branch has come a long way by providing clients with everything that they need relating to steel, tubing, fencing and general hardware, boosting the company to the top of Cape Town’s local industry. Choose Steel & Pipes for Africa as your one-stop steel, tubing and hardware shop today!