How Stumbelbloc Can Streamline Your Construction Site

How often have you reached your construction site only to realise that you have little to no bricks to work with as a result of your suppliers getting lost or simply not having the stock that you requested? This is an issue that frankly far too many of us have had to face in the midst of our own projects, which can lead to lengthy downtime, and in turn, large amounts of time and money wasted.

This is an issue that Stumbelbloc aims to combat as best as possible. They achieve this by providing their flagship product of the same name, which comes in the form of a mould that can be perfected by any individual of any skill level and intellect regarding construction. The purpose of these moulds is to allow construction crews to use fresh cement and concrete to produce fully functional bricks while onsite.

These bricks produce the same level of strength and integrity as bricks that can otherwise be bought in bulk from relevant suppliers and thus allow construction companies to save exorbitant amounts of both time and money. All that is required of you is the proper materials, which include 2.5-level wheelbarrows of sand and 13mm stone, as well as just one bag of 42.5 MPa grade cement. This is then to be mixed with an adequate amount of water, up until a buttery consistency is achieved.

With such a product being left in your capable hands, who knows what more you will be able to achieve once you step foot on the construction site? To find out more about Stumbelbloc’s flagship product and else it may be able to help you and your site crew, make sure to head on over to their official website today. You can get started and place your orders by simply making your way to

About Stumbelbloc

Stumbelbloc was first established as a means to help the disadvantaged with being able to construct their own homes and buildings, despite not having the resources to create bricks with the traditional strength that we know today. With their help, clients have been able to take save extensive amounts of time and money on-site through the use of such a simple and easy-to-use product. Therefore, changing lives, businesses and living environments for many people. Contact Stumbelbloc to get their flagship product in your hands today.