Shopping Guide for Lanyards and Badge Holders for Teachers


Teachers these days participate in a whole range of activities not just in their school but also in the local community. There are science fares and exhibitions, sports events, inter-school activities, outdoor trips and so forth.

Thanks to heightened security everywhere, all staff need to prominently display their identity badge. Schools, institutions and colleges need to order a large quantity of lanyards and badge holders not just for school teachers but also for support staff.

As a rule of thumb, the quantity purchased is usually twice the number of staff. This is because many teachers and staff will request replacements for damaged or scratched badge holders. There will also be replacements required for lost badges and badge holders. Over long periods of time (say 2 years) lanyards get discoloured or stained and will need replacement.

Even if this is the first time your organisation is preparing to buy lanyards and badge holders, you are probably aware that they can be custom printed. However, the quality of the print will depend on the material you select for the lanyard.

You can choose between sublimated Lanyards, woven lanyards, polyester lanyards and nylon lanyards.

Sublimated Lanyards are the most economical to buy with prices starting from €1.40 each for 100 units. The production process is very efficient as the design is dyed onto the material and normally they can be delivered quickly. Moreover, the printing can be done on both sides of the lanyard and the logos or text are printed in great detail. For designs including shadows, gradients or intricate logos sublimated is always the recommended product. Best of all, sublimated lanyards feel soft and smooth to the touch. For these reasons, most lanyards you see, tend to be of sublimated type.

As the name suggests, a woven lanyard is made from various coloured threads sewn together. While the material is without a doubt very durable, it is difficult to print on and therefore, the printing (one side only), tends to be limited to simple graphics and text. However, woven lanyards are the most long-lasting type available and great for staff who spend most of their time outdoors. They are very comfortable and can be washed in a washing machine just like items of clothing. Woven lanyards tend to be a bit pricier and start at €2 each for 100 units.

Apart from having all the qualities of sublimated lanyards, Nylon Lanyards also offer a smoother, flatter and shinier finish. Nylon Lanyards are best suited for simple designs and cost about the same as woven lanyards at €2 each for 100 units. Nylon lanyards are often referred to as a premium product but they are very similar to sublimated lanyards to look at. So it is up to the individual to decide if they are prepared to pay the extra costs for the nylon material.

For budget-conscious schools and colleges, the best buy would be Polyester lanyards at €1.50 each for 100 units. For larger orders over 1,000 units, the price is dramatically cheaper and can start at 64c per unit. The polyester material is commonly used for plain lanyards as it is easy to make and comes in colours such as black, white, red, yellow, green and blue. Polyester lanyards are tough and long-lasting but can be a bit rough to the touch due to the material. However, since they are generally worn over clothes, minor roughness is usually not a problem.

Finally, the best place in Ireland to see the entire range of lanyards and also place an order immediately would be The staff can supply digital proof to include logos and text for customers to approve before moving ahead with their customized lanyard order. Production time for custom-printed lanyards is about 2 weeks, whilst plain lanyards are normally in stock and available within 2-3 days of an order being placed.