RDM Industrial Products, Inc. — A Top-Quality Industrial and Laboratory Furnishing Supplier

The importance of industrial furnishing cannot be exaggerated when it comes to streamlining daily operations and maintaining the safety of the workers. RDM Industrial Products, Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality industrial and laboratory furniture since 1977. With the motto of QUALITY-SERVICE-TIMING, they strive to provide top-quality customized products to locations across the nation.

Products Manufactured and Delivered By RDM:

Products, which are available at RDM Industrial Products, Inc., can be mainly classified into two groups based on their application: industrial and laboratory. They provide different varieties of furniture under both the categories, including tables, cabinets, workstations, carts, and more.

Tables and workstations: There are a plethora of options available under this category where RDM features products like adjustable height tables, aluminum tables, laminar air workstations, cleanroom tables, heavy duty tables, drafting tables, ESD tables, and many more. RDM focuses on delivering only the best quality products at reasonable rates. They typically use seasoned wood and stainless steel along with other durable materials to make the products last longer, even when exposed to harsh conditions.

Cabinets and counters: RDM also specializes in customized counters and cabinets that are built with high-quality hardware components and robust steel construction. These cabinets also come with a chemical resistance feature, a solid surface, and a flammable storage option. Products in this category include standard commercial casework, service counters, locker cabinets, reception counters, custom manufactured casework, cleanroom cabinets, laboratory casework, and more.

Laboratory Furnishing: RDM takes pride in offering efficiency and safety to their clients by manufacturing and supplying top-quality laboratory furniture that can be used in varied conditions. Their product line ranges from fume hoods and laboratory casework to laboratory tables and laminar flow workstations. The products come with the utmost durability, chemical and heat resistance, exhaust fume hoods, ESD/static control, along with other features.

Stainless steel furnishings: The stainless steel furnishings manufactured by RDM are capable of enduring harsh environments and heavy impact. They use either 304 or 316 stainless steel grade that can be found in a broad variety of finishes like #4 brushed, 2B smooth, or electropolished finish. These are ideal for cleanroom uses, lab purposes, and more. With properties like easy maintenance, durability, corrosion resistance, and more, these furnishings are ideal for industries like food and beverages, and healthcare, to name a few.

Carts/mobile tables: RDM also specializes in carts and mobile tables that are suitable for heavy duty use and activities. Products available under this category are stainless steel carts, heavy duty carts, custom carts, and more.

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Established in 1977, RDM Industrial Products, Inc. has been a renowned manufacturer and supplier of industrial and laboratory furniture. With the option to customize, these products are ideal for healthcare, electronics, biotechnology, and other private and commercial industries.