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Every marketer knows that businesses require a larger audience base and an ever-changing marketing strategy to increase this audience base. One of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy is lead generation. It acts as a stimulant for potential customers, serving as a driving factor from initial engagement all the way to final purchase. Today, there exists a wide variety of techniques that help a business establish potential sales leads. Several companies provide lead generation services which can form one of the most important parts of any marketing strategy. One such lead generation company is Persuade.

Business marketing solutions with Persuade

Founded in 2017 by Jared Koning, an expert in educational media and marketing, Persuade has since grown to be a reputed name in business acquisition. With years of experience conducting outreach campaigns that have delivered exceptional results, this lead generation agency has now worked with more than thirty major South-African companies and brands. The company has helped many of its clients grow with ease and predictability during the pandemic. The company aims to fill its client’s pipeline with highly qualified leads.

What do you get at Persuade?

With Persuade, companies can get full assistance in appointment setting, lead generation, market research, and business databases. There are several advantages for brands and companies when they work with Persuade, and some of them are mentioned below.

  • In-depth on-boarding

The staff at Persuade take a 45-minute call with their clients to understand their needs, goals, and desires. With this information, the company gets to work on developing laser-focused intent-based data.

  • Market research

Persuade provides clients with weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports with detailed statistics.

  • Scheduled calls

Persuade also conducts weekly catch-up sessions to stay in contact with their clients, along with providing daily updates via email or Whatsapp. Account management assistance is also available till 8 pm every night.

  • Email updates

Persuade sends clients a detailed progress report which contains the client’s progress towards goals, upcoming campaigns, changes, and responses from leads.

  • Total ownership of campaign

Persuade gives full access and ownership of the campaign to the clients, all the while maintaining full transparency.

  • Creating audiences

Persuade helps n building high-quality data as per the client’s needs. They use internal data to cleanse and prepare custom data to be reviewed by the client before being accepted.

  • Dedicated personnel

Signing up with Persuade gives their clients access to a full team of specialists consisting of an Account manager, technical specialist, outreach executive, and many others.

  • Effective outreach

Persuade is an expert at crafting custom campaigns to deliver an increasing number of leads and sales to their clients. They manage all campaigns using a hands-on approach that increases efficiency and production.

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About Persuade:
Persuade is a reputed lead generation agency that is known for delivering exceptional results for clients based in South Africa and beyond. Its clients include more than thirty major South African brands and companies.