Five Ways to use your Jewelry Rolling Mill

Jewelry Rolling mills and jewelry studios go hand in hand. Some jewelers use their rolling mills to imprint patterns on an annealed metal sheet. Others use a rolling mill as the raw material workhorse of their studios. See these and more uses in action.

A rolling mill will last for many years with proper care and use and will provide jewelers with a versatile way to create beautiful jewelry pieces. In this article, I will go over the specific features that make the best rolling mills and list 4 products that I feel cover most, if not all of the jewelry making needs when it comes t this specific type of equipment.

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Five Ways to use your Jewelry Rolling Mill
1. Emboss Patterns on Sheet Metal
The number one reason I used our studio rolling mill was to run brass pattern sheets through it. It was fun to imprint patterns onto the annealed copper sheet.

2. Melt and Roll Scrap into Usable Sheet
It wasn’t until I attended Michael David Sturlin’s retreat that I realized how important a rolling mill is and I really learned to appreciate it. It was the first time that I ever saw scrap metal melted into an ingot.

3. Draw Down Wire Gauges
This new outlook on rolling mills really changed how I felt about them as tools. One day I put it to the test on a project I was recently working on. I was learning how to wire wrap and we had run short of a gauge that I needed.

4. Harden your Sheet Metal
Occasionally you’ll need to harden your metal and a rolling mill works great for hardening sheet and wire. You’ve already learned that if you want to imprint your metal it needs to be annealed, however, every pass you make through the rolling mill is work hardening your metal.

5. Fold Forming
Yes, you can fold form without a rolling mill, but the creases in your metal will be so much more pronounced if you run it through a rolling mill.

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