“A zany bunny platforming adventure”

New York, USA – 01.06.2022

Platinum City brings us their take on the platforming genre with Hip Hop Bunny Run. You play as a bunny tasked with collecting as many carrots as possible as you race through a carrot-filled course. The faster your bunny hops, the more carrots they can eat. Slide, jump, and hop your way to the finish line!

When creator TJ Mouscardy was asked about what makes this game so much fun to him, he said “Rocket ? Rabbit Mode is when he goes super fast..” Perhaps referring to the rockets attempting to knock you off your path during your race through the course! A challenging obstacle to face for any bunny, or man.

Hip Hop Bunny Run features a variety of core mechanics such as shooting, jumping, sliding, and even special bunny powers if you are able to acquire enough carrots. Make sure to watch out for incoming rockets as you race through the course at swift speeds. Getting hit by rockets means losing precious speed, setting you back, and leaving you in the dust.

This is a game open to all ages with its simple controls, easy-to-learn mechanics, and straightforward gameplay… So what are you waiting for? Hip Hop Bunny Run is available for purchase from the game’s website  at the price point of $1.99 and is sure to bring you an enjoyable experience.

Contact information

Name: TJ Mouscardy

Studio name: Platinum city Games


Location: NY, US