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Specifically in urban areas, e-scooters are becoming the go-to option for fast and safe travel, which also contributes to the environment. The portable and foldable scooters at Scoot City come with a wide array of varieties and features. Scoot City focuses on providing only the very best electric transportation options that enable you to travel in style and comfort—that too, within your budget.

Products delivered by Scoot City

Scoot City has been aiming towards a greener Earth by providing smarter ways of travelling through three different types of electric transportation systems.

Electric bikes: Scoot City offers premium-quality electric bikes at reasonable rates. These bikes are manufactured by top manufacturers around the world and come with a foldable design. The featured e-bikes you can buy at Scoot City are the WINDGOO B3, which comes with a 350W high-power motor; the KUGO KIRIN V1, with a 400W high-speed motor and fast charging technology, and the FIIDO D2S, with a 3-gear power boost. Other products include ADO A20+, ADO A16+, HIMO Z20, ADO A20F+, to name a few. The average price ranges between £360 and £1600, approximately.

Electric Scooters: Scoot City delivers a wide range of electric scooters, sourced by top manufacturers like Kugoo, iScooter, Aovo, and others. Their products include E9 PRO, IX4 MAX, MINIWALKER 10DDM, KUGOO M4 PRO, KUGOO S1 PRO, and more. The E9 Pro comes with a 350W motor equipped with 3-speed modes and is one of the more affordable models available. The MINIWALKER 10DDM is one of the more expensive models that comes with a 2000W high-power dual motor and is ideal for all-terrain performance.

Hoverboards: The hoverboards delivered by Scoot City come in different models, colours, and sizes. These models are specifically sourced from top manufacturers like CitySports, Hover-1, Warrior, and more. You can choose from an array of models, including CitySports, Hover HELIX, Warrior G2, and M Megawheels, to name a few. The price range is typically around £100-£300 for the electric hoverboards.

Where does Scoot City excel?

With Scoot City, you get the option to buy directly from the manufacturer, which ensures utmost safety and vouches for the quality of the product. You will get a 12-month warranty with every product, with a 14-day return policy and free domestic shipping with fast delivery. They have dedicated customer support available seven days a week. Scoot City also guarantees secure payment options with an interactive and easy-to-use platform.

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About Scoot City:

Founded in 2019, Scoot City has been a renowned retailer in the e-vehicle industry. With a mission to make the world greener, they provide eco-friendly electric transportation options at reasonable rates.