The Ear Depot to Make Your Conversation Easy

The Ear Depot understands the importance of smooth and regular conversations for a person to maintain a peaceful and social life. Thus, the ear clinic aims to provide its clients with the best solution for every problem regarding hearing loss. The family-run healthcare business in Ontario dedicates its entire team of hearing aid practitioners and professional individuals to providing hearing solutions.

Services offered by The Ear Depot:

Hearing testing:

Hearing loss can happen to anyone, regardless of age due for many possible reasons. However, the condition worsens drastically because most people are not aware of their problems and do not look for treatment immediately. The Ear Depot offers hearing tests in three easy steps –

1. Initial meeting: Beginning with a conversation, the professionals get to know the clients better and find out their problems and difficulties.

2. Checking hearing levels: Several audio tests are performed in the soundproof booth of The Ear Depot to check the hearing levels of the clients.

3. Explanation and presentation: According to the clinical results, the clients are provided with a full explanation of their hearing health and the perfect hearing is demonstrated with hearing aids.

The professional fit of hearing aids:

Once a client is diagnosed with hearing loss, he is offered a professionally fit hearing aid as the remedy to his hearing problem. These hearing aids can help in hearing clear speech in a conversation. The two most popular hearing aids are –

  • Invisible in the Canal
  • The Receiver in the Canal

Tinnitus solutions:

Tinnitus is the continuous ringing or buzzing sensation in the ears. It is a very common ailment in Ontario; one in every five people is affected by it. Tinnitus can cause critical health issues, so, it is essential to treat it as early as possible. The Ear Depot offers –

  • Tinnitus Counselling
  • Tinnitus Sound Therapy

Professional earwax removal:

Earwax is a sticky substance that protects the ears from germs. However, excessive earwax buildup can cause many problems like hearing loss. You must not try to earwax at home as you may injure the ears. The Ear Depot offers professional and safe earwax to clients.

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About The Ear Depot:

The Ear Depot is one of the leading hearing aid clinics in Ontario. Established by Brenda Cowan in Peterborough in 1982, the healthcare business now has four branches in Peterborough, Bancroft, Barry’s Bay and Marmora. With the expertise and experience of 35 years, the clinic aids people with hearing problems. After identifying the problems with hearing testing, The Ear Depot brings back the comfort, joy, and confidence of easy conversations.