European and American advanced commuter wear


The weather is getting cooler, and the clothes for work are slowly increasing. But how much you wear will inevitably look bloated and make your fashion style disappear. But you can’t lose “temperature” for the sake of “demeanor”. As a caring editor, naturally, I have prepared for you high-end European and American commuter outfits that don’t need to be bothered. The simplicity reveals a sense of sophistication, so that you can be “beautiful” in the office. ”, easily open the workplace elite mode.

turtleneck sweater + suit pants

Owning a turtleneck in autumn is undoubtedly the smartest choice. Sweaters with higher collars can travel perfectly between the two seasons of autumn and winter. The editor recommends choosing a double-layered collar, which can not only be turned down to make two lapels, but also can be used as a high collar, killing two birds with one stone. The solid color sweater should break the monotony, add a dazzling silk scarf or vest, enrich the layering of the shape, and reveal a sense of sophistication in simplicity.

Hollow dress + knitted sweater

In the workplace, midi skirts are the most appropriate, and at the same time, the most comfortable. The white hollowed-out long skirt, the small hollowed-out design gives the fabric its own texture, which looks special and outstanding. In autumn, a thin dress is not enough to resist the cold, and layering a loose-fitting knitted sweater will keep you warm without losing the sense of luxury, and you will have an elegant femininity at a glance.

Sweater + Jacket + Jeans

Compared with the mid-length trench coat, the editor recommends the short jacket. Short jackets are not picky, and even small girls can look stylish. The inner color of the khaki jacket should not be too bright, it will appear too exaggerated. Choosing a more neutral color will set off its calm temperament just right, but it will not look old-fashioned, but very handsome.

Black blazer + black top + raw edge denim skirt

When you really don’t know what to wear, it’s right to choose a black suit jacket to help you open the elite mode of the workplace. The black suit jacket has its own domineering president style, and the shoulder pad design shapes right-angled shoulders, which evaporates the momentum to the extreme. Compared with wearing a black T-shirt inside, the editor recommends choosing a dark gray top, which distinguishes the color between the inside and outside, enriches the layering of the shape, and at the same time does not lose the aura.

Mint green suit jacket + waistless T-shirt + beige slacks

If you feel that black is difficult to control, you can choose a light-colored suit jacket to easily wear a small and fresh style. The mint green suit jacket is layered with a white waistless T-shirt, which shows a sense of sophistication in simplicity, allowing you to seamlessly switch between commuting and daily life. Pair it with off-white suit trousers to show the charm of a workplace lady. Step on a pair of pointed-toe high-heeled shoes, and let your gas field fully open.

Brick red blazer + white vest + light blue jeans

Is the impression of suit jackets still serious and stereotyped? What a joke, blazers are fashionable and simply staggering. White vest + light blue jeans, although simple and retro, it is not characteristic enough. Superimpose a brick red suit jacket with low saturation, so that you can also have a fashionable style in the workplace, showing the handsome and neutral style.

Knit sweater + hip skirt + windbreaker

Before winter comes, “show off your legs” in autumn. The short skirt reveals slender and slender legs, and the hip wrap design tests the hip line and highlights the curves of the lower body. Sisters with big buttocks and fat on the waist and abdomen are afraid to try short skirts with buttocks. It is better to add a coat to cover up the shortcomings and enrich the shape, showing individuality and style.

Shirt + Jeans + Windbreaker

The windbreaker is simply synonymous with autumn. It is chic and handsome, and it can also be worn in the workplace. Beige mid-length trench coat, classic British style, with a shirt + jeans inside, simple and fashionable. When the weather is too cold, wrap the windbreaker. Although it can keep out the cold, it is easy to look bloated. The editor recommends tying a belt of the same color to emphasize the waist and highlight the femininity.Read more at:white formal dresses australia | pink formal dresses australia