Freshly Pick’d is The Fruit & Veg Wholesaler For You

The Kinsley wholesalers chooses you to be a part of their family. Freshly Pick’d is a family-owned business founded by the Kinsleys themselves in 2004, where it all started in their garage and was delivered from the back of a bakkie by a small fleet. This is close-knit family that supplies from trustworthy farmers, to produce their fruits and vegetables in an organic manner. Freshly Pick’d only works with farmers that have a promising future and support them as much as possible. Promising future farmers, from Freshly Pick’d’s perspective, are those who are interested in the well-being of the environment and the consumer by growing their produce in a biological value. Their vision is to keep good relationships with both retailers and the chefs. They remain professional and welcoming through all situations and customer satisfaction comes before anything else.

Freshly Pick’d is fully aware of the natural aspect of fresh produce being made and continue to strive to supply consumers with a healthier alternative. They wish to emphasise the consumption of produce grown only in season, not forcing anything through unnatural conditions with large amounts of chemicals. Fresh Pick’d ensures to choose farmers that deliver daily, which allows them to draw directly from the market which receives stock from a wide range of farmers nationwide. As they carry stock from local markets, the local farmers who deliver daily, and others who they collect from, they are able to deliver to over 150 businesses.

They offer a variety of goods, that being whole and pre-cut vegetables and spiral range, along with whole and pre-cut fruit, and juices. The pre-cut vegetables and spiral range section enable timesaving on the consumer and have become a trending alternative for pasta. Pre-cut fruits allow satisfaction for consumer demand as they are healthy snacks that can be eaten on the go. As more consumers fall into the healthier lifestyle, they still loathe having to do all the cutting up and preparing of fruits themselves. This is where Freshly Pick’d come in for their pre-cut selections. Last, but not least, Freshly Pick’d is the leading vegetable juice supplier in South Africa. They offer 11 different varieties with the same high-quality, deliciousness, and freshness process. Visit Freshly Pick’d’s website to view and order their fresh produce

About Freshly Pick’d:

Freshly Pick’s keeps it fresh, serving produce straight from the farms to consumers’ mouths, customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Being that they are leaders and specialists in the fruit and vegetable industry, they delivering high-quality produce that is fresh from the root.