Get Customized Filling and Capping Machines from TELM

Filling bottles manually can be tiring and time-consuming which is why many companies prefer automatic and semi-automatic filling machines for higher production. With the help of TELM, these companies can opt for these machines that are made based on their requirements. TELM is a manufacturing company of filling and capping machines that were founded in 1972. The company designs semi-automatic and automatic filling machines with volumetric dosers that are used to fill containers and bottles with liquid products. TELM aims at producing filling machines that are able to fill products by maintaining consistency and they serve industries such as chemical, cosmetics and food.

Machines that are manufactured by TELM

Linear Machines

The company designs and manufactures filling and capping machines that help to fill both small and large containers with thin and thick liquid products. The products are manufactured using AISI316 stainless steel which ensures the quality of the products and makes them suitable for all sectors such as food, chemical and cosmetics. You can also get customized machines based on your requirement.

Semi-automatic filling machines

TELM offers high-quality semi-automatic filling machines that are consistent, reliable, versatile and easy to use. Highly durable stainless steel is used to make volumetric piston fillers to configure the machines. These machines are ideal for filling both glass and plastic containers with dense and liquid products. Also, they are configured with simple and inbuilt controls and users can easily adjust the volume of filling manually with the hand-wheel. They manufacture piston filling machines for liquid products such as fruit juice and oil as well as dense products like jams and jellies.

Rotary machines

These machines are designed for filling containers automatically. These machines are ideal for industries that need a compact structure with strong and sturdy construction. With this kind of machine, an operator doesn’t have to interfere much since most of the work is done automatically. These machines serve as an ideal choice for the food, chemical and cosmetic industries. Also, they offer high customization and configuration including the application of labelling machines, markers and end-of-line equipment.

Semi-automatic capping machines

TELM capping machines are ideal for pre-threaded plastic caps, press-on caps and twist-off caps. They operate with a 6-bar pressure and are fitted with a practical double-switch drive and they are entirely made of stainless steel. Also, the capping heads are interchangeable. These machines include semi-automatic pressure capping machines, vacuum capping machines, capping machines for buckets and more.

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TELM is a company that designs and manufactures filling and capping machines. Founded in 1972, TELM has five decades of experience and it is reflected in the components and structure of each machine they manufacture. All their products are designed according to customer specifications and after carrying out final inspection testing.