Summer Activities in Holland: Wakestyle Announces its dense catalogue of sport courses

The Bussum Kite Surf & Skate Shop organizes sport courses, tours and parties on water and land, for both kids and adults.

WakeStyle is a specialized Watersports & Skate shop in Bussum, Noord Holland, run by passionate riders with countless years of experience on many international spots.

For summer, the shop announces a dense catalogue of summer activities, for kids and adults, on both water and land.

Kids will enjoy skateboarding courses and “skate parties”, while adolescents and adults will have the chance to learn exciting water-sports like Kitesurfing and the newest Wingsurfing. Experienced riders can improve their skills to acquire new freestyle moves or master technical gear like foil boards, wings and surfskates.

But not only thrilling and fast paced activities are on offer: those who prefer more relaxed but still physical activities during the sunny summer days, will enjoy SUP lessons and tours.

The Courses will go on till the end of October, apart from skateboarding courses, which are available all year round.



Bussum is a city in the Gooi region, strategically positioned as, thanks to efficient roadways and trains, is just 20 minutes away from many cities like: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, Almere and Amersfoort.

Courses take place at some of the best and most well-known dutch spots, participants can either meetup at the shop or directly at the spot. 

Depending on the discipline and conditions, lessons run in Almere (Marina Muiderzand), Muiderberg and Schellinkhout. SUP lessons are mainly given in Naarden Vesting, on the Gooimeer, in Muiderberg or in Loosdrecht. 


Also skate lessons can take place at different skateparks in Bussum, Naarden, Eemnes, Huizen and soon also at the new Hilversum Nike Park.



For all the courses you just need to bring towel and swimwear, wetsuits and gear are included.



You might not know, but kite spots on the IJsselmeer and Markermeer present perfect conditions to learn how to kitesurf: wide spaces, shallow flat waters and constant wind. No need to travel to exotic destinations!

You will learn about wind and meteorology, safety on the beach and in the water, everything about kite gear, and practice step-by-step until you’ll be finally able to ride.



Hydrofoil fins have been a revolution for many sports, from kitesurfing to sailing, opening to new possibilities and totally new sports like Wingsurfing. Still, foil boards are technical gear which takes time to master.
Even experienced riders could have the feeling of learning from zero again!

With the help of a boat, an easier SUP-foil board and experienced instructors, you can learn to foil safe and quick in only one lesson!
Once you understand the hydrofoil handling, you can apply it to your favorite sport: kitesurfing, surfing, wingsurfing, SUP…



Wingsurfing is the new trend for summer 2021, attracting both watermen and first-timers. Its advantages are: easy to learn, quick to setup, low wind riding and safety.

Wingsurf courses comprehend a part on dry land and a part on water, with lessons divided in 3 blocks:

  • Wing control
  • Pump tecnique
  • Wing-foil

Once you master the first 2 skills it’s time to combine them and start to wing-foil!

It is also possible to improve your technique using a longboard skate. This is also a good option during winter.


Enjoy the relaxing summer waters and weather while being active!

SUP stands for Standup Paddleboarding, WakeStyle offers private lessons, courses and tours. SUP lessons have an introduction on the shore followed by a trip through a nature reserve, paying attention to balance, posture, and SUP technique.

3 days SUP courses are offered to people who have little or no experience, but would like to properly learn the basics.




WakeStyle organizes group kids lessons to learn how to skateboard from zero, or private lessons to learn new tricks, for both beginners and advanced skaters. Participants are divided by level in homogeneous groups.

Nothing is more fun than skating together and sharing the hype of landing a new trick for the first time!



Skate parties for kids start with an hour lesson, followed by a refreshment and a present for the birthday boy or girl, and more time together at the skatepark.

Skateboards and protection are provided, and one or more supervisors will be present all the time.

Skate parties are suitable for kids from 6 years old, but adult and company skate parties are also possible!


Riding a surfskate is the perfect way to improve your surfing skills on dry land. Learn how to pump to generate speed, bottom turns, cutbacks and other surfing maneuvers!


Skate and watersport courses have different minimum ages but no maximum! Water-courses require a swimming certificate or proven swimming skills. Good physical condition and motivation for new challenges are required for all the activities!

Contact WakeStyle for more information and have fun this summer!



Huizerweg 46c, 1402 AD 

Bussum, Netherlands

+31 6 35310361