2020 boom of influencer marketing, 2021 perspectives

Influencer market in 2020, keep reading our article and find out the latest trends and growth figures in this sector.

2020 was for many a year to forget quickly, but not for the influencer market on instagram, in fact the latter grew by 3.9% compared to the last quarter Q4 of 2019.

Instagram, regarding only the world of influencers only in the first 3 months of 2020 generated a turnover of 1232 million dollars.

2020 trends in influencer marketing

There are several trends that have been seen in the world of Instagram influencers in the past year, some of them were already present in 2019 and have been intensifying, while others were born in 2020. Let’s list below the highlights and the biggest news in the influencer world.

  • Instagram store, the store on instagram was born, allowing businesses to upload their offers and catalogs directly from social. This has allowed influencers to be able to change their traditional marketing model, and in turn create successful collections to be sponsored directly on the channel where they are then bought.
  • Virtual influencers; this is a curious trend that has developed in influencer marketing in 2020. It’s curious to see how the tastes of the public have changed, who often look for new experiences that are outside the traditional canons, and have found in virtual influencers one of these experiences.
  • More data for tracking marketing campaigns with influencers. The ability to track the source of online purchases has greatly improved, and as a result, so has the effectiveness of campaigns with influencers.
  • Development in new countries, influencer marketing has continued to develop in many countries that until recently were considered more backward from a management and marketing perspective. For example, South American countries, and in particular influencers in Brazil have experienced sudden growth.

What to expect from 2021 for influencer marketing?

  • Micro Influencers, it’s a trend that will grow more and more during 2021. This means two different types of influencers, professional influencers with thousands of followers but no more than 100k, and using as influencers the customers through a process of involving them in your decisions.
  • Definitive switch from number of clicks to number of sales for the measuring of the efficiency of an influencer campaign.
  • Tik Tok will be the next Instagram. Be prepared! Tik Tok is rising and won’t stop during the confinement
  • Long term collaborations between a company and an influencer have proved to be better in terms of sales results and customers affection, so it will probably become an increasing trend in influencer marketing during the next year.

So be well prepared and ready to take the next opportunity in influencer marketing. Remember to always stay up to date and follow Bold Creators Club’s advice.