Is Marrakech (Morocco) expensive for tourism?

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Known as the gateway to Africa, Morocco is one of the most dazzling destinations. Islamic, African and French influences have contributed to this culture, full of charm and rich in diversity. This attracts many travelers each year. But some cities are getting increasingly expensive from year to year. Marrakech is one of those cities that becomes the most leading cities in terms of attraction but also most of visitors claim its expensiveness.  

Last year, a ranking of the British newspaper The Guardian on the ten most expensive holiday destinations in the world had placed the ocher city (Marrakech) in fourth place, ahead of Singapore, London and Sydney. To establish its ranking, the British newspaper calculates the cost of a day and a night spent in the most popular destinations with tourists, according to six price criteria (a trip of three kilometers by taxi, a night at the hotel for a person, a meal for one person, a pint of beer, a cup of coffee and a bottle of wine).

In addition to the hotel services that are rising, there is the air, which also increases its rates during the summer season. No more “hmizates” time for Marrakech with cheap flights. In addition, it is difficult, even outside of holiday periods, to find tickets Europe / Marrakech less than 300 euros. Moreover, for good reason, demand is greater than supply. And it also depends on your traveling style. For backpackers, it is going to be really cheap. If you are someone who likes to do something extra such as a Jewish heritage tour around the country, well it is going to cost you more.

This is also what worries travel professionals in Marrakech. “We need more flights and air seats to fill the capacity of the city,” hammering often hoteliers in Marrakech. The year 2018 has yet started on top of the charts.

Taking advantage of the positive image since COP 22, the tourism sector was in a good dynamic and the city has cardboard with all the issuing markets. During the first four months of the year, arrivals at border posts increased by 20%. The main increases came from the strong growth in Spanish, French and Scandinavian tourist arrivals, while resident tourism increased by 14%.

Finally Morocco still a really cheap tourist destinations because the currency is not high, everything there is worthwhile, hotels, restaurants, shops and many other things.

As everywhere, Morocco has its risks but with common sense and a minimum of information before leaving, there will be no cause for alarm. It is a country out of the ordinary and should really be on your list if it is not already done!

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