Aqara Smart motion Sensor

Xiaomi continues to actively replenish its ecosystem for smart home with new gadgets. This time, the Chinese company presented one of the most common and necessary sensors for the system of smart home-motion sensor Aqara Smart motion Sensor.

The new device has a very small size, minimalist design and a lot of useful features. Let’s take a look at what the Xiaomi company will once again delight its fans. In this article we will take a closer look at the new motion sensor Aqara Smart motion Sensor.

aqara motion sensor

Aqara smart motion sensor: Design

The design of the device is really attractive, albeit very simple. The motion sensor has the shape of a square with rounded edges. It is only available in white, like all other devices from the smart home system from Aqara.

The size of the sensor is only 3.60 x 3.60 x 0.90 cm, which is comparable to the matchbox. This is a terrific feature for the motion sensor, because the smaller its size, the more convenient and practical it is to use.

The weight is only 11 grams. Thanks to such dimensions, it is easy to install in any place and on any surface. The case is made of ABS-plastic, which withstands falling on the floor from a small height.

On the front panel we see the picture and the only led indicator. On one of the side panels designers placed a button to enable and synchronize with the application on the smartphone. By the way, the synchronization procedure has become much easier and more convenient than in previous models of motion sensors. Previously, you had to use the SIM to synchronize, now just press the button.

On the bottom panel there is some information about the device, and a piece of double-sided adhesive tape to fasten the device on any surface.

The delivery kit consists only of the motion sensor Aqara Smart Motion Sensor and instructions in English.

Aqarasmart motion sensor: How to connect to a smartphone

To pair the Aqara Smart Motion Sensor sensor with your smartphone, you need to open the Mi home app, press “+” and click on the “Add Device” box.

Next, select the motion sensor from the list. After that, locate the button on the Aqara Smart Motion Sensor, press and hold it for 5 seconds until the blue light illuminates. That’s it! The device is ready to use.

Now let’s talk about the functional features of the device. As we have already written above, the device can be docked on any surface, whether it is glass, wood or metal. Both in horizontal and vertical position.

If the Aqara Smart Motion Sensor falls or slips on the surface, the sensor alerts you to it with the help of vibration on the smartphone. The sensor is powered by the usual CR2032 battery, which is enough for two years of uninterrupted operation.

With the help of an ultra-precise accelerometer, the Aqara Smart Motion Sensor sensor is able to detect the movement of objects indoors. In this case, it notifies the user with a sound signal and a message on the smartphone.