Steps of olive oil production

Doing a good olive oil is the final mission of each mill in Tuscany. Which are the steps to follow in order to obtain an optimal quality? First of all, we have the olive harvest and there are a variety of methods, such as hand-picking, picking through the help of machines that capture olives or shake the tree. It is obvious that the hand picking, if is it possible, is the best type of collection because damages less the product for the next steps. After, the olives are placed in special containers and collected; obviously we have to select the best and throw away those deteriorated. If the work is meticulous, it will be logical to think that we will have a good oil and not altered. Subsequently, the olives suffer several steps before obtaining oil as we think. In fact, we need to subject them to a crushing of the pulp and the core, from which is obtained a dough that must be mixed at certain temperatures and then be squeezed to divide the parties liquid (water and oil) from the solid ones. At the end, we mantain oil in stainless steel containers. In Tuscany there are many oil producers, who having smaller productions can pay attention  more to product quality. I went to a oil tasting made at Agritursimo Torre Prima, during a holiday in Chianti. I really recommend to try it too.