6th Half Marathon on Francigena Route, April 10, 2016

Tuscany: a land of enchanted places, stunning scenery and native flavors. It is the ideal place for anyone who is planning a green holiday; the ideal period is certainly the spring when the nature flourishes and shows itself in all its glory.
The occasion will served by the sixth edition of the Half Marathon on Francigena Route, which will be held April 10, 2016 starting at 9.00. Marathon runners and sports in general will be involved from the competition and enjoy the fascinating journey through the white roads and forests of Chianti.
The event includes two distinct routes in the footsteps of Sigerico, the Archbishop of Canterbury to whom we owe the reconstruction of the famous journey: the competitive race of 20.5 km and 8 km from the walk.
The start and finish are attached to the Castle of Monteriggioni (Siena); for the more adventurous, the weekend could end with a visit to the towers of San Gimignano and they can book at Fattoria Raccianello, which opens the new tourist season in March 2016.