A formative experience

Living a holiday abroad is highly formative in the life of each of us. Being able to combine a moment of leisure activities important for our training is great. In Tuscany there are several facilities that have specialized in this type of services. Among them is Podere Oliveta which besides being a wonderful property with pool and large garden allows guests to attend language courses but also cooking classes. The contact with the Italian culture through the language and the kitchen allows guests to easily integrate. These courses include teachers of native speakers and experts in the field of traditional Italian cuisine. In addition, these courses are a moment of interaction to meet new people and different aspects of the Italian tradition. But Podere Oliveta also believed to relaxing moments for guests organizing excursions in the Chianti or rides wasp. In fact, through the knowledge of the area they are able to understand different aspects and improve the linguistic aspect. A solution that will go more and more to strengthen the learning experience.