Travel in Autumn is wonderful!

This time of year, for some tourists is wonderful travel. Time is not always forgiving but the fresh and less flow of tourists allow you to visit some places quietly. Also very semplie find place in the structures and also to reasonable costs. Autumn is the ideal time to travel and enjoy the beauty of the world. In places like the Pieve di San Martino, a structure immersed in the Chianti hills hard to find place in the summer months but in October the availability of a room is high. We must therefore take advantage of this time to travel. Staying in a hotel as the Pieve di San Martino makes your holiday magic. Throughout the day you can hear the sound of nature that dominates all over the landscape. And in the evening you can see the stars and the moon that illuminated the streets and the way people who live in this place. In the morning to open the window and see a landscape like any surprises Tuscan turista.Inoltre staff the Pieve di San Martino to help tourists navigate the Tuscan territory and to suggest activities and routes to be served.