Feel at home in a hotel

Not always in hotels where you stay despite the high standard of facilities can be found a friendly and warm. Chianti Holidays with our tourists will be welcomed in farm houses, cottages, villas in Tuscany and will feel right at home. For every need and information in addition to the owners of the property there is a highly qualified staff that meets all your needs. Chianti Holidays is first a group of friends who motivated by passion and love for the travel and tourism founded a consortium. The goal of the consortium is to ensure our customers a hassle-free vacation and ensure that the customer knows the enormous wealth of Tuscany. In some facilities they will enjoy a wonderful landscape and have the opportunity to taste a fantastic extra virgin olive oil and the main wine production toscan. Moreover, almost all facilities have a swimming pool and a garden to ensure that our guests can safely spend the holidays. Dominant element in all facilities is definitely the Tuscan landscape: the location of the farm allows visitors to easily wade through the window the dominant elements of the territory tocano.Qualsiasi what you need during your vacation, Chianti Holidays is laid aside to fulfill it.